If you are spending too much time at the gas pump because your car is using more gas than it usually does, you have a problem with your car. Below are two problems that could be causing this to happen. You can then get them repaired to keep that money in your pocket instead of handing it over to the gas pump.
Your thermostat could be stuck open. If this is the case, the engine in your car cannot reach the right operating temperature. When this happens, the coolant temperature sensor will sense that the engine is too hot, and the electronic control unit will send more fuel through the injectors to cool them down.
If your car’s interior is not heating up after the car has warmed up, this could be a bad thermostat, or it the thermostat could be stuck open.
At this point, you should take your car to a mechanic so they can check the thermostat for you. They can remove it from your car to see if it is open or closed.
Transmission Fluid
The transmission fluid level may be too low in your car. To check the fluid level, open the hood, and you should find a dip stick handle sticking out of the transmission. If you are not sure where the transmission is located on your vehicle, refer to your owner’s manual.
Let your car run until it is warm. Go inside your car and turn on the heat. When warm air starts blowing out of the vents then your car is warm enough.
Leaving the car running, pull out the dipstick. Remove some of the transmission fluid from the end of the dipstick with your finger, and then rub it between your fingers. It should be clear or have a slight pinkish color, and you should not feel any particles in it. If you do find that it is not the right color or there are particles in the fluid, you need to have a mechanic drain and change the transmission fluid for you.
Wipe the dipstick off with a lint free cloth, and look at it for the full line. This is the level the transmission fluid should be. Stick the dipstick back in, and then remove it. Make sure the fluid as at the full line. If not, then you need to add more transmission fluid.
You can add more fluid by sticking a funnel in the hole the dipstick came out of. Only pour in a little transmission fluid at a time, as you do not want to overfill the transmission with fluid. When you pour the fluid in, remove the dipstick and check the level. If it is not at the full line, pour a little more fluid in and check again. Keep doing this until the right level has been reached.
Check for instructions in the owner’s manual on the type of transmission fluid you should purchase for your car.
If your car is still getting bad gas mileage, you should have a mechanic, like the ones at Amboy Transmission INC, take a look at your car to determine what the problem is.


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