Important Automotive Solutions you Need to Know if you Want to Refurbish a Car

The day you decides to tackle that refurbish job on your beloved car that have been standing in your back yard. You must make sure to plan the process you going to follow well in advance. As you will need to know most of the solutions to all the problems that may pitch up, and you have not planned.

If the vehicle is completely new to you, first do an exercise and find out if most of the parts are still obtainable. See if you can find somebody that have done a project on a similar vehicle already. Contact this person and have a chat with him, asking him what you can expect to find if you start stripping the car.

By remembering that a refurbish job like this always starts on the metal, so you will have to strip the car completely. That is only when you will see what the condition of all the metals works are and you will have to have automotive solutions in place.

How to prepare the car for the metal framework repairs

• Remove all lose parts, to get to the metal framework you can send in for bead blasting.
• Just take note the doors hood and boot lid are also lose parts remove them and send as loose parts for bead blasting.
• By receiving it back, make sure about all structural damages that require repairing. Specially pay attention on rust damages, as you do not want it to come back and bite you in the future.
• If you not capable to do the job yourself after you have seen the damages, you will have to find somebody that can fabricate metal automotive parts.
• By deciding, to do the job yourself can be much cheaper, but can become a tedious process that can cause your project just to sink in this early stage.

Here are some automotive solutions you will need to know about

• You must firstly make sure you have the knowledge, and do have the tools to do the job.
• Always start at the bottom cut the floorboards and the boot section out and replace them if there are any damages to them.
• While doing that make sure about the chassis beams and legs.
• Next, tackle all Wheel arches and kick panels and running boards.
• If you are finished replacing or repairing these components, see to it that they are clean and coated with some rust repellent directly. Because the next time you will, work on them again will only be on the end of the project. When you will fit the Auckland upholstery and carpets, and you do not want them to be rusted all over again.
• Then you tackle the doors and firewall, before you can start with the rest of the body.

Your overall aim must be to improve the safety and reliability first before you can improve the appearance of the car. Any car’s road holding and safety will only be as good as it is under body, specially the newer models that do not have a chassis. The newer model’s floor plan design is in such a manner that the whole cars stability relies on it.

That is why any refurbish job on a car, is the same as digging a grave. You have to dig it right to the bottom before you can use it. You must make 100% sure, the chassis [floor plan] or platforms been refurbished properly before you carry on with the rest of the project.

If you do not do it this way, you will have an unsafe unstable car with bad road holding on the end. What is the use having a car with a beautiful appearance that is a danger for its occupant and passengers?


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