Photography Props for Portrait Photography

Photography props from Wicker By Design bring elegance and timeless beauty to portraits. You can browse our photography props catalog complete with examples of our props being used by some of the finest portrait photographers in the world. Our photography props can complement any canvas or muslin background, with color options that can be used in a high key, mid key or low key portraiture.

Wicker By Design offers enduring designs in wicker, metal, willow and wood. Welcome to our new interactive website that shows how portrait photographers use our photography props!

Know what you want? You can go to our complete listing of photography props and choose the items you wish to purchase. Once you pick a photography prop, you can also see portrait images of how it has been used by other portrait photographers.

Looking for ideas? Our photography props gallery displays each of our products being used by master portrait photographers Christchurch. Studio photographers use our photography props to pose infants, babies, toddlers, children of all ages, high school seniors, brides and families. And you can use our Portrait Gallery Idea Search to find hundreds of ideas using our photography props in our online database organized by products, photographers, and keywords, or see recommendations on particular options, such as indoor/outdoor, hi-key/low-key, etc. If you find a photography prop which you like, you can easily click to the prop catalog to purchase it. Wicker By Design offers photography props, supplies and accessories for studio photography, school photography, day-care photography, senior photography, wedding photography Bristol and pet photography.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our quality collection of photography props for portrait photographers!


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