At some point during the ownership of your vehicle, you will likely need to replace the rotors, which are part of your braking system. However, some people may end up needing to replace their rotors sooner than others, and the reason lies in their driving habits. The following are three bad habits that some people do, which may contribute to their rotors wearing out prematurely.
Aggressive driving
Driving aggressively may place more strain on your braking system, which can create excess heat. Some individuals may not realize that their driving habits mimic aggressive driving, which means that they could be damaging their breaks unknowingly. For example, weaving in and out of traffic at high rates of speed and having to quickly stop frequently at points where traffic is at a standstill may seem harmless, but this type of driving behavior is too damaging to brakes to do on a regular basis.
Having your foot on the brake most of the time
If you find yourself doing this, aim to stop the habit because every time you press your brakes, heat is generated. The heat may warp your rotors over time. Brake pads may also be negatively impacted by “riding your brakes.” If you have noticed that your brake pads usually do not last as long as the manufacturer life expectancy, take note of your driving habits, and you may find that you are a person who subconsciously rides with one of their feet on the brakes.
Riding around with unnecessary items in your trunk
If you open your trunk and it looks like a miniature storage container, it is worth your time to consider cleaning it out. This is because the excess weight may be affecting your rotors and other components of your braking system. Vehicles are designed to be able to withstand certain weight limits, and the function of trunks is a temporary storage or transporting solution, not a permanent one. If you have a habit of tossing things into your vehicle, make a practice of cleaning out your trunk at the end of each week to avoid clutter pile-ups. If you only add things occasionally, a monthly trunk cleaning is ideal.
A brake repair shop is the best resource to use to diagnose potential rotor issues. It is best to get your vehicle checked by professionals because some of the signs of bad brakes may actually be a different issue. For example, some vehicles that have a bad alignment may vibrate in a similar manner to the vibrations experienced when a brake rotor issue exists. Click here for more information on brake repair.


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