An at-home auto repair can save you money, but this is not the case with all problems. There are some issues that are better left to professional mechanics. Here are three examples:
Replacing the Timing Belt
The timing belt is responsible for synchronizing the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves of the cylinders. How can the replacement of a simple belt/chain be complicated? Well, replacing the belt itself is simple. According to Popular Mechanics, you can even replace it in a matter of minutes – after reaching it.
It is the process of getting to the belt that is tedious and fraught with risks. You have to dig through a maze of hoses, wires, tubes (such as fuel lines), and covers to get to the belt. In many cases (for transverse four cylinder engines), you have to remove the motor mount on the passenger side of the car.
Servicing an Automatic Transmission
Whenever something goes wrong with your transmission, or it just needs some maintenance, seek the help of a qualified mechanic. Automatic transmissions are fickle things because they contain thousands of small parts, all of which must operate with precision. You also need to have an extremely clean working place.
One small mistake can damage the transmission, and transmission repairs or rebuilds are notoriously expensive. Worst of all, you might not notice the mistake until it starts wrecking havoc. For example, if there is debris when you replace the connectors (even a grain of sand is enough), it can damage the transmission even weeks after the repair.
Fixing Error Code Issues
Just because you have a scanner doesn’t make you equipped to diagnose and repair error codes. You know how complicated modern engines are; they are filled with complicated electronics and systems on a chip. Tinkering with something you don’t understand is rarely a good idea.
Even if you know what an error code signifies, it doesn’t mean that you know what to do. For example, a fuel injector error code doesn’t mean that you need to replace the injectors. It might mean a number of things, for example, that the fuel injector circuit is fired. In short, you need professional diagnosis to determine the root of the problem indicated by the code.
These are some situations where it is not a good idea to rely on online videos and user guides to repair a car. It is best to leave it to a professional mechanic who has studied and experienced the same problems.


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