When you are having issues with your vehicle, whether it a damaged fender or something wrong with the motor, going to the local auto parts warehouse may not always be an affordable option. In cities and small towns across the country, there are salvage yards filled with used car pieces and used truck parts that still have a lot of life left in them. If you are considering heading out to one of these yards for parts, you most likely have a few concerns. Here are a two common questions about buying used parts at an auto salvage yard.
Will you have to pull the parts you need on your own?
This all depends on the salvage yard you go to. Some junkyards have a strict policy that will only allow employees inside of the perimeter due to security and safety reasons. In this case, you will simply head to the front desk, tell them what you are looking for, and one of the yard runners will fetch your part. In some cases, this will mean you will have to wait a while for what you need. However, you can always leave your name and number so you can be reached when your part is ready. On the other hand, there are salvage yards that have a pull-a-part service where you go out and find what you need, take it to the counter, and pay the bill for what you get. This may be a better option for people who have some background knowledge on auto parts or that want to compare different parts in the yard.
Are there some parts that should not be purchased used?
Just as you would never go out and buy some types of used components for your home, there are some used truck parts that are best left at the salvage yard. Some examples include filters and fuel components. If the vehicle has been setting for a while, those parts can contain foreign material and debris. Rubber components, such as fan belts or hoses, tend to break down over time and should also be left alone. Motor mounts, which tend to see compromise after sitting, should also be disregarded. If you are ever in doubt, ask a salvage yard employee about a certain part.
Even though there are some parts that are better left to die peacefully in a salvage yard, there are hundreds that are perfectly fine to buy used. The next time you are in need of parts for your ride, make sure to check with a local salvage yard for used parts before you spend twice as much on something new.


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