If you drive a semi truck for work, you know how important the engine is. Without a properly working engine, everything else goes downhill very quickly. Problems with the engine are also very expensive to repair. When the engine overheats, it is an early warning sign that there might be something wrong, and is a great time to get the truck looked at. Here are some of the common causes of an overheating engine so that you can troubleshoot it and make any necessary repairs before turning into something more serious.
You Need Motor Oil
One of the simplest things to check if you are having problems with your engine overheating is the oil level. If you are low on oil, it can cause problems with the temperature of the engine. It is simple to check the oil of your semi truck, which is labeled with the yellow dip stick. If it looks like the oil level is low, but you filled it recently, look around the oil reservoir and engine to see if you have a leak. This may also be the cause of the engine overheating.
The Water or Coolant is Low
Another fluid level that is responsible for the temperature of your engine is the water and coolant. Every truck takes a different water to coolant ratio, so make sure you know what the ratio is when filling it up. In most cases, it will be around 50/50 coolant and water. Distilled water is the best water to add to the radiator and water reservoir because it doesn’t boil at as high of a temperature as regular tap water. Like the oil, also check for a leak where the coolant or water might be escaping and leading to your overheating problem.
The Radiator Hose is Cracked
Your radiator is an important part of the engine system, but so is the hose connecting to the radiator. If any radiator hoses are visibly cracked, faded, worn, leaking or brittle, it is a sign that they need to be replaced. It is easy to replace them and they are an inexpensive fix. Also check the hose clamps as they should not be tightened too tight, or they can cut into the hose. If the clamps look rusted or worn, they might also need to be replaced, or they will not hold the hose properly, and that can lead to a leak. The hoses should also not have bends, pinches or kinks in them, or this could lead to a blockage.
You Need a New Water Pump
Underneath the hood of your truck, there is a water pump that is responsible for pumping coolant and water throughout the system. If anything is wrong with the pump, it can cause issues with keeping the water flowing, thus increasing the temperature of your engine. The most common problem with a water pump is having a leak. This is sometimes difficult to repair, so it is usually better to replace the entire pump with a new one either yourself or with the help of places like Radiator Pros.


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